Unsere Leidenschaft ist es, geeignete statistische Methoden für Daten zu finden und anzuwenden, um die für die Kunden unmittelbar relevanten Schlüsse zu ziehen. Während die Analyse von Daten unsere Leidenschaft ist, lieben wir es auch, die technischen Inhalte mit weniger Worten und mehr visuellen Hinweisen zu präsentieren. 




We Work Hard to Understand Our Customer Needs

Quick Response

We believe in the power of effective communication and provide you the best experts with quick response. 

Specialist Approach

We have developed processes and tools to identify, attract, and maintain a pool of the right IT resources for the specific industries and technologies.

Strategic Partnership

We begin our partnership by seeking to understand your business targets and the gaps between your current and future state.

Honest Work Culture

We care about our clients' needs and provide spot-on statistical models to provide an insight to your data.

Employee Centered

We have engineered our organization to support every aspect of your work. We offer mentoring programs in order to reveal the best talent within an organization.



As a Minority-owned firm, we are dedicated to diversity programs that meet your organization’s goals.


Say Hello to Our Team


Arun LAL

Founder & Statistician
Arun has been performing statistical consulting since 2002. He started with performing Spatial analyses for Louisiana State University Agriculture Center. Over 15 years, he had the opportunity to investigate multiple therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, oncology, pain, diabetes, etc.


Business Development
While working on his PhD, Atul won the best Business plan award in 2006 from Leeds Innovation Center. He later implemented the idea and successfully ran the business for a year. Since then he has helped launching many business projects. His extensive knowledge in Nanotechnology and Molecular Biotechnology is an asset for the life sciences business development needs.

Sabrina PLAPP

Medical Expert
Sabrina’s is a practicing anesthesiologist and provides AleaNCore with the clinical advice whenever a deeper understanding of an indication or a therapeutic area needs further unraveling for a consulting team. She learned SAS programming during her academic years and retained the knowledge to judge a SAS code block implementing her suggestions.

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