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Strategic Partnership With Specialist Approach

We have developed processes and tools to identify, attract, and maintain a pool of the right IT resources for the specific industries and technologies.

Modeling & Simulation

With our modeling expertise we test and evaluate limited observational data and provide high fidelity results.

- Bootstrapping
- Multi-layered data modeling
- Propensity score matching
- Bayesian applications

Statistical Reporting

AleaNCore provides stakeholders statistical expertise to support new product development, regulatory submissions, and other regulatory documents preparations.

- Descriptive statistics
- Exploratory analysis
- Tables, listings, and graphs (TFLs)
- DSUR, PSUR, IB updates
- Health economics and outcome research
- Real world evidence analysis
- AdHoc data analysis requests

Project Managment

At AleaNCore, we take over the responsibility to manage the project (milestones, timelines, etc.) and provide regular or on-demand status updates.

- Flexibility to engage experts
- Single point of contact
- Fast turnaround
- Excellent team collaboration
- Proactive, motivated and dynamic

Data Science & Analytics

Possibilities in this area are endless. Whatever be the industry, we could rely on reliable models and techniques to build solutions to large- or medium scale problems.

- Down Time Analysis
- Predictive modeling
- Data visualization
- Ensemble learning
- Optimization


Mathematical Know-How With Intuition

Statistical analysis to sort through data to draw valuable inferences. 



Some clients know exactly how they want to analyze their data. We are expected to step in and provide with the extra resources to wrap up the analyzing part and move on as quickly as possible to the clinical trial report preparation, publication, etc. Our absolute ability to get going from the moment we are brought in is derived from years of experience with not just many therapeutic areas but also various statistical tools, e.g. SAS, R, STATA, etc.

At other times, there are uncertainties about the data or the sort of analyses to be performed. There are two ways for to get involved. One, we discuss the data and the intentions in detail and we take the responsibility to seek and apply the appropriate statistical models and communicate the results. Second, we dig into our programs library and apply them on the data. This produces quick insights and helps deciding the direction of future analyses.

We are a customer-oriented consultancy. We are flexible to adapt the situation and setting presented by each project.



CDISC Programming

Whether it is annotating the Case Report Forms (CRFs) to the SDTM standards or creating the mapping specifications for the SDTM domains or create ADaM datasets from the legacy datasets or similar other assignments, we are certainly qualified to perform the gamut of tasks for our clients. Moreover we love it because we understand that once the data are standardized, the analyses thereafter could be performed a lot smoother.


Health Economics and HTA

We aspire to work closely with our clients to develop economic models and analyses to prepare the submission dossier meant for health technology assessment authorities. Our contribution is towards helping the sponsors develop and deliver clear value messages to the payers to achieve the desired reimbursement decisions. We have experience supporting interactions with many HTA agencies in Europe including: GBA/IQWIG, NICE, SMC, etc.




The area of pricing, profitability, strategy, risk assessment, valuation, economics, forecasting, and many more relevant to every business. We recognize that these are complex business issues and require multidisciplinary experts to find solutions.

Our contribution comes through integrated modeling, research, and analytics expertise. We create deep insights based on the data and advanced analytical methods.

– Advanced analytics methods application
– Cluster analysis, time series analysis, predictive modeling techniques, decision trees, A/B testing, propensity scores development, etc.
– Business intelligence tools for visualization
– Data extraction, manipulation, and automating processes
– Open source statistical software for analysis
– High-resolution graphs for presentations
– SAS, SPSS, Excel, SQL, Tableau, Hive, R
– Executive summary and interpretation of the findings


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